Bud is an intelligent financial network giving customers actionable, automated insights to help them spend & save better. I worked as their Head of Design from November 2015 until May 2018. In that time I was responsible for all visual aspects of the Fintech startup, including UI/UX for desktop and mobile (iOS & Android), marketing materials and visual identity.

Role: Head of Design

Client: Bud

Our goal was to create an engaging brand and user experience to remove the stigma that digital banking is boring, difficult or requires specialist knowledge to benefit from.
During our review process it was decided that we were going to change our business proposition from a customer focussed offering (B2C) to a SASS model (B2B2C). This in turn affected the brand and look/feel and we started a discovery process to see how Bud would evolve.
As the team grew, so did the product and the opportunities. We partnered with some of the UK's top banks to provide solution that leveraged open banking ;)